Things about relations

This approach in to this topic is going to be very unusual, don’t immediately reject or accept what is told, let just digest these things, think openly.  

What is the relations of the individual to this world? Especially to other people? We can see these wars, all the killing, discrepancy, break ups and so on so on. We tend to blame each other, we don’t want to be wrong, instead of saying: My appraisal ability failed, we say: how could u do this to me? Is it really other’s fault if you got hurt? What is the thing in me that is hurt? Is it me, or is it image that I have created of that other person or me? If it’s not the image or images that offend, then what is offended in me? If there were no mental images, would you be hurt? Think about it. We create images, then someone say or do something that is the opposite of the image or images and then we are offended. In other words, it’s my fault if I get offended, because I create the image. We can’t change nobody or control what people think or say, so it’s irrational to think, that other people need to change, then world would be better. It’s rational to think that I need to change, then world would be better. 

We can’t be 100% sure about trust on other people, simply because we can’t see in their brains. When I trust in someone, what is that trust? Do I trust in that person? Or do I trust in the image that I have created about that person? It’s sad that all interaction most of the time is based on the images that we have about each other, because in that case I don’t actually see the person, I only see the images that I have created about that person.  

If you want to look at these things, you see them in your life, but you have to be fully open and objective. 

Olavi Tuominen 22D


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