the unspeakable truth



    the unspeakable truth


with the dark that falls all over

and the stars that shine above

outshone are they by the lights

that surround me all around


cold breeze of the night swoops under

my coat in its need of shelter

finding comfort right next to my chest

where my heart beats warm and tender


anticipation grows wild inside of me

like for eternity it now has

with a child’s hope I hold on tight to it

no matter how much time has passed


the steps I take turn heavier

echoing in my ears like a song

a song so bitter yet so lovely

that it’s been stuck there for so long


but with that same old melody come lyrics

that are sung with every language

and in none make any sense

keeping my steps light enough to continue


and as I hum these words to the wind

I can feel you right there beside of me

and I know I’m not mistaken

one day I’ll meet you, surely


in my dreams you walk on Champs-Élysées

and until I join you, so do I


Alma Mlivić 21C



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